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Do You Struggle With Getting & Keeping The Girl You Want?

Do You Understand What Attracts a Woman?
Do you know what to say when meeting a girl?
Is your attitude attracting women?
Do you waste time and money on dates with no second date?
Ever hear “just be yourself” from girls?
Do you understand what turns a girl on?
Would you like power over women?
Has a girl ever said, “Why are you talking to me?”



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What Makes Alpha Training So Different

Want to know why you just can’t use some guys “pick up” line that never fails – but fails for you? In addition to understanding the true sexual triggers of women and the dynamics between men and women you have to be able to naturally communicate this understanding.

This is where most people fall short. In your subconscious you have a “Mechanism” that regulates your habits. This Mechanism is very hard to change. So no matter how much you read about the things you should do with girls, most people will not be able to use it. Unless….

Basically, You Change Your Story. Forever.

You must reprogram the mechanism. We incorporate subliminal programing into our training and even the Air Force uses it to rapidly teach pilots. This dating program not only tells you what to say and how to say it, the MP3 Audible Recordings help reprogram that Mechanism so that you naturally are confident, social, charismatic and damn good with women.

What’s My Investment

How much are first dates costing you? How many potential girls can’t see you as a lover? How many of your evenings are spent alone because girls don’t feel attraction for you? How many girls are passing you up? Can potential lovers feel your masculine energy? A lack of Alpha Attitude may already be costing you a great deal.



Hey man,

I stumbled across your website a couple of months ago somehow (ROK?). After reading through some of your articles I realized you had some good advice which was clearly explained with no bullshit or fluff (like any good engineer’s written work). Anyway, a friend of mine, as of a few weeks ago, was a college virgin. My other friends and I had tried to get him laid but we just couldn’t figure out WHY he couldn’t. I told him about your site and he starting digesting the “Laws of Alpha” and all of the other free content you have.

So now two months later and I’m getting weekly texts from him detailing his recent, sexual escapades. Whenever I stop by facebook I can count on seeing a new picture of him with a new, attractive woman on his arm. He’s banged three girls in the past six weeks or so. I spoke with him the other day and he told me you’re website’s changed his life.

I’ve always considered myself pretty good with women but as of late he’s pulling hotter ass than I am. A few minutes ago I said f**k it and signed up for your member content. Looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

You’ve accomplished through sharing your material what my friends and I couldn’t accomplish in all of high school. That’s enough of a sell for the broke ass college student I am.

Thanks for helping out my boy,


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